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Iron Sky City Walkway Set A

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Product Description

Our Iron Sky City Terrain is designed to provide a modular and versatile way to setup your Sci-Fi gaming table.

Various Iron Sky City Terrain Sets such as Hab UnitsLanding Pads, Walkways, Staircases, Ladders, Railings etc. can be combined to form various table layouts for your games.

There are many ways to layout your table setup, adding terrain set pieces to form a growing city that spans both horizontally and vertically across your table.

Iron Sky City Terrain is compatible with popular 28mm - 32mm games such as Warhammer 40k™, Infinity™, Malifaux™, Necromunda™ etc.


  • Set of 3 walkways
  • Each walkway is 1 "square" pattern wide

Made from MDF wood for durability and precision laser-cut to these dimensions:

  • Width: 61 mm ( Approx 2.4 inches )
  • Length: 61 mm ( Approx 2.4 inches )
  • Height: 63.5mm ( Approx 2.5 inches )

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Product #: 1513

*Please note that models require assembly and painting.

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