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TTG Modular Miniature Painting Handle X5 Organizer

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Product Description

Stop knocking over your Miniature Painting Handles and keep them safe with our Miniature Painting Handle X5 Organizer.

Miniature painting handles make it more comfortable to paint your miniatures, but they are extremely easy to knock over by bumping them or just bumping into your hobby table, which can result in your miniatures getting damaged, scratched or broken.

Protect your minis while they're inside the painting handles by putting your painting handles in our organizer.


  • 5 slots to hold up to 5 Miniature Painting Handles
  • Keeps your work space clean and organized
  • Keeps your miniatures safe and easily accessible
  • Fits on top of our TabletopGamer Paint Racks

* Hobby tools / holders etc. shown are for demonstration purposes only and not included.

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*Please note that models require assembly and painting.

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