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Malifaux Rooster Riders - Gremlins - M2E

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Product Description

Only the wiriest Gremlins reach the privileged ranks of the Rooster Riders, a special breed light and foolhardy enough to try and make a war mount out of poultry. Like feathered lightning bolts, the Roosters can tear up the ground at ferocious speeds and can outrun or outflank just about anything. This rapidity comes with a cost - the Roosters could be considered "highly strung" and tend to get a mite skittish and unpredictable when injured.

They can hold their own in a fight, however, delivering savage blows with their sharp beaks. The Gremlin Jockeys carry rusty old rifles, too, but let's face it - the only thing that's likely to get shot by a Gremlin while clinging for dear life to a rampaging giant Rooster is either the ground or a nearby barn.

It doesn't stop them trying, though - often just the sound of gunfire and the bizarre sight of an advancing wing of Rooster Riders is enough to give a foe pause.

Plastic components.


  • 3 Rooster Riders
  • Stat Cards

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