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Infinity Steel Phalanx 300 Point Pack - ALEPH

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Product Description

ALEPH is the Artificial Intelligence created by the unstoppable force of technological progress. Humankind's inseparable companion, ALEPH has been created to help the human race achieve balance and a bright future. This Pack is the best choice to start collecting this army, providing ten amazing miniatures and the units necessary to create a competitive army list.

Metal components.


  • 1 Phoenix (Heavy Rocket Launcher)
  • 1 Ajax the Great
  • 1 Myrmidon (AP CCW)
  • 1 Myrmidon (Chain Rifle)
  • 1 Penthesilea (Monofilament CCW)
  • 1 Myrmidon (Spitfire)
  • 1 Myrmidon Officer (Boarding Shotgun, Combi Rifle)
  • 1 Myrmidon (Boarding Shotgun)
  • 1 Myrmidon (Combi Rifle)
  • 1 Agema Marksmen (MULTI Sniper Rifle)

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Product #: COR280016

*Please note that models require assembly and painting.

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