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Infinity Raicho Pilot and Scindron Ancillary TAG Pilot Set - Combined Army

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Product Description

There can be nothing more disparate than the TAG pilots of the Combined Army. On the one hand are the Raicho pilots, violent Morats who trophy hunt gigantic predators to decorate their war machines. On the other hand are the Shasvastii pilots, whom you will never see because they operate remotely. But what you will see are their Scindrons, ancillary units that detach from the hull of their Sphinxes to access those places that the TAGs cannot reach.

Metal components.


  • 1 Raicho Pilot (2 Heavy Pistols)
  • 1 Scindron Ancillary Remot Unit

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Product #: COR280681

*Please note that models require assembly and painting.

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