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Great Temple Pyramid of the Serpent Lizard

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Product Description

The Great Temple Pyramid of the Serpent Lizard is a masterpiece work of tabletop scenery designed for 28mm tabletop gaming.

The pyramid measures approximately 450mm x 450mm in width/length (approx 18 inches) and 150mm in height (approx 6 inches).

Once fully assembled, the pyramid is fully modular and made up of 8 individual pieces - 4 corner pieces and 4 stair cases.

The modular pieces can be arranged in a variety of different ways such as:

  • Combine all the modular pieces together to form one large four-sided pyramid which can be placed prominently on your gaming terrain to play out various scenarios
  • Combine the modular pieces into two half-pyramids which can be placed on either side of the table, allowing each player to have his own half-pyramid for various scenarios
  • Combine the modular pieces into four quarter-pyramid with or without stair-cases and place them in the corners of your gaming tabel for various scenarios
  • Use the modular pieces in your glass display case to showcase your miniatures on each of the quarter pyramid pieces or combine two to form a half-pyramid
  • Use your imagination to create even more options!

Each of the modular pyramid pieces comes with laser-cut holes, ready for magnetization so you can magnetize them if you'd like.

Each face of the pyramid can be customized with 20 individual square stone glyphs (see images).

The pyramid comes with 100 individual, laser-engraved glyph stones with various designs (see images) which are also blank on the back if you want to paint your own designs.

The pyramid is made from 3mm MDF fiber board wood and is fully paintable.  The laser engraved stone work designs and glyph design details will show through your paint as well, as long as your paint layer is not too thick.

The pyramid comes unassembled and unpainted and requires either wood or super glue for assembly.


*** NOTE - Any miniatures / figurines shown in photos are only there to show SCALE and are NOT included with this kit.

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